Youth panelist shares three simple steps young adults can take to get ahead financially

              Imagine you are 60-years-old, and that you have over $3-million invested, and it was growing? I mean, how would your life be? Cheerful? Calm? Stress-free and worry-free, regarding your financial future? But here is the truth, many Canadians are not on track, and may never be able, to retire comfortably. […]

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    Four steps to take before jumping into crypto investments

    The increasing popularity of crypto assets and the ongoing media coverage of coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have piqued the interest of many new and experienced investors alike. Whether you’re interested in investing in crypto assets or simply learning more, consider the following before jumping in: 1) Understand your risk tolerance Crypto assets are high-risk […]

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    Be the Change – Let’s Talk About Fraud

    I remember when my dad’s bike was stolen as a kid – from our garage. We were all shaken after the event, and couldn’t believe how close the thief got to us. After the bike was stolen, my dad did a few things to combat the situation – he told our neighbours so others were […]

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    Podcast Producer Moira Donovan Helps Shine a Light on Investment Fraud

    Investment fraud is frequently in the news, but for me, the true impact only fully sunk in when producing Money Smart Manitoba’s Time to Call Out Fraud Podcast. Hearing from victims and experts first hand helped me see how being targeted by fraud affects people’s lives: it causes people to feel shame, weakens their sense […]

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    Money Matters at Your Library: Popular Reads on Personal Finance

    A MoneySmart Guest Blog Your public library is an incredible resource for free information and entertainment. You can borrow books, movies, magazines and video games, use the computers and WiFi, enjoy a concert, or simply meet up with a friend. The library has something for everyone. Libraries are also budget-friendly with expert staff to help […]

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    Budget Friendly Food Tips for Non-Coupon Clippers

    Do you clip coupons, browse flyers or use money saving grocery apps? If so, you’re already using some great strategies for saving money on groceries. Keep doing what you’re doing! If you’re like me and can’t get into the routine of clipping coupons or scanning flyers, don’t worry, there are other ways to stay on […]

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    5 tips to help you explore Manitoba for less this summer

    A MoneySmart Guest Blog There are so many adventures to be had close to home in Manitoba. And when you’re close to home and exploring the land around you, it’s easier to find ways to save while still having a summer adventure that’s worth every penny. Here are just a few tips to help you […]

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    Couples and Money: Lessons from the Toilet Paper Aisle

    As a marketer, I rely on the truism of the “two types of people in the world”: for example, there are those who “invest” in a premium brand of toilet paper and those who prefer to save on this necessity with econo-brands. Now follow me – and these two types of people – to the […]

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    How to Spot an Investment Scam Like a Pro – Pt.2

    PART TWO of TWO A MoneySmart Guest Blog Rule 3# – Be wary of high-pressure tactics and a need to ‘act fast’ I use a pseudonym, covert email address and phone number to hide my identity as a government investigator. Given the suspect information that I have uncovered so far, I request more information from […]

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    How to Spot an Investment Scam Like a Pro – Part 1

    PART ONE of TWO A MoneySmart Guest Blog Investment scams are an unfortunate fact of life in Canada. They are often sophisticated operations, run by highly-skilled, smooth-talking people who have years of experience in committing fraud. Well-educated and intelligent people are taken in by investment scams all the time. So how do you protect yourself […]

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